Head of Institute

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Andreas Paul Fröba


Senior Scientist (Academic Staff Member)

Dr.-Ing. Michael H. Rausch



Maritta Lechler


Group Leaders

Dr.-Ing. Tobias Klein (Thermophysical Properties of Working Fluids in Energy Technology)

Dr.-Ing. Thomas M. Koller (Thermophysical Properties of Multiphase Systems in Process Engineering)


Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Johannes Knorr


Postdoctoral Guest Researcher

Dr. Junwei Cui


Doctoral Candidates

Francisco Bioucas, M. Sc.

Julius Jander, M. Sc.

Chathura J. Kankanamge, M. Sc.

Manuel Kerscher, M. Sc.

Matthias Knoll, M. Sc.

Julius Kühl, M. Sc.

Frances D. Lenahan, M. Sc.

Maximilian Piszko, M. Sc.

Patrick Schmidt, M. Sc.

Wenchang Wu, M. Eng.

Ziwen Zhai, M. Sc.


Technical Staff

Peter Janofsky


Guest Scientists

Prof. Dr. Shengshan Bi

Dr. Cédric Giraudet

Georgios Kasapis, M. Eng.

Dr. Manuel Matos Lopes

Shaomin Yan, B. Eng.

Taotao Zhan, B. Eng. (currently active at AOT-TP)

Dr. Guanjia Zhao


Students currently active at AOT-TP

Franziska Ammon

Lukas Frank

Frederik Meißner

Markus Rößler

Dominik-Marcel Schmidt

Sarah-Lena Steinacker

Youssef Walha


Former members of AOT-TP

Dr.-Ing. Alaa Al-Badri

Dr. Shane Cadogan

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Gebauer

Dr. Cédric Giraudet

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Heller

Dr.-Ing. Ubaya Higgoda

Dr.-Ing. Tanja Kugler

Pouria Zangi, M. Sc.