Tobias Klein

Dr.-Ing. Tobias Klein

Group Leader "Thermophysical Properties of Working Fluids in Energy Technology"

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBI)
Institute of Advanced Optical Technologies - Thermophysical Properties

Paul-Gordan-Straße 8
91052 Erlangen

Research focus of the group “Thermophysical Properties of Working Fluids in Energy Technology”

The research activities of the group focus on the characterization of working fluids in energy technology through the determination of their thermophysical properties using both conventional and light scattering experiments as well as molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. For the design of processes and apparatuses in energy technology, equilibrium properties of working fluids, such as density and surface tension, as well as their transport properties, like viscosity and thermal as well as mass diffusivities have to be known. At present, electrolytes and hydrocarbon-based systems with dissolved gases, which play an important role for energy transport and storage, are of special interest in the group. By combining experiments and simulations, not only a reliable determination of thermophysical properties can be achieved, but also a fundamental understanding of their dependencies on the molecular and fluid structure. This knowledge contributes to the development of structure-property relationships and semi-empirical equations for the prediction of thermophysical properties of working fluids relevant in energy technology.