Teaching Activities offered by AOT-TP

given in alphabetic order

* Note for students *
Please check the campo system and the FAU website for special procedures and regulations for the winter term 2022/2023!


Course Type Term Language Study Courses
Advanced Seminar Seminar Summer Englisch CEP
Engineering Thermodynamics I (Technische Thermodynamik I) Lecture and Exercise Winter German ET, CE
Engineering Thermodynamics II (Technische Thermodynamik II) Lecture and Exercise Summer German ET, CE
Efficient Heat Transfer Lecture and Exercise Summer English CEP
Thermodynamics and Heat and Mass Transfer Lecture and Exercise Winter English CEP
Thermo-Fluid Dynamics in Biotechnology (Thermofluiddynamik der Biotechnologie) Lecture and Exercise Summer German LSE
Thermophysical Properties of Working Materials in Energy Technology Seminar Summer, Winter English or German ET, open for others
Thermophysical Properties of Working Materials in Process and Energy Engineering Lecture, Exercise, Lab Course Summer English CBI, CEN, ET, CEP, MAOT, MAP

Abbreviations for the study courses:

		CBI: Chemical and Biological Engineering (Chemie- und Bioingenieurwesen)
		CE: Computational Engineering
		CEN: Chemical Engineering (Nachhaltige Chemische Technologien)
		CEP: Clean Energy Processes
		ET: Energy Technology (Energietechnik)
		LSE: Life Science Engineering
		MAOT: Master in Advanced Optical Technologies
		MAP: Master in Advanced Materials and Processes